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Serving NC & SC

We are a Business Development Team For Hire

Our advanced team of sales and marketing professionals will partner with your organization's efforts to generate more customers.

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The Most Unique Part Of Who We Are

From our beginning, we have determined and constituted as an organization, to always carry out our operations in a way that brings glory to God, and justly benefits our neighbors; that is why, we limit our client book solely to those who our leadership has thoroughly evaluated.  Our held conviction is to only represent who/what we sincerely believe in.



Our client standards include but are not limited to, qualities like: 

- Rated A+ with the BBB
- Licensed, Insured, Bonded
- Able to produce at least 10 verifiable references
- Be in business for a minimum of 10 years
- Offer warranted and guaranteed products/services
- Be an organization 100% free of drugs/alcohol- 100% of leadership & staff must pass a national (NCIS) background check.
- Employee moral and rating of workplace must pass standardized evaluation.
- Leadership must present and have a verifiable reputation in the community of being upright, fair, honest, kind, and pleasant.
- Products/Services and general customer service must meet our own quality testing standards.

After new client applications are submitted our evaluation period takes a minimum of 12 months.
*All of our operations are 100% private, anonymous. We are legally prohibited from disclosing any of our client's names and information.

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Implementing Sales Processes

From start to finish, we create effective sales programs that become permanent fixtures in our clients long term business models.


Recruiting, Training, & Management

We handle 100% of the recruiting, training, & management of the sales and marketing teams that represent our clients, while at the same time each team member operates 100% under our client's authority, devoted 100% to learning and promoting their business, brand, ethos, products, and services.



Our proprietary methods, while unique and specialized to the needs of each client, are all centered around a common vision of expanding the general breadth of our client's reach and increasing their bottom lines.


Are you interested in becoming a client? Applying is fast & easy. Call now and speak with a live agent.

Home: What We Do
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